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Calabria region, Italy

DISCOVERY TOUR Personal Heritage Experiences

Discover Live x Ancestry Experience

Calabria region, Italy

Region of rugged mountains, old-fashioned villages and dramatic coastlines, a PRIVATE TOUR

1 Hour

$365 | Up to 5 Screens

Virtual Tour


Calabria is a region in southern Italy. Calabria has a strong Greek influence, it was once part of Magna Graecia. It also has a strong Norman and Byzantine influence, as well as influences from the Spanish and Arabs. Calabria is famous for its food, including dishes such as 'nduja and 'ncaci and its traditional music and dance, like the tarantella.

$50 for each additional screen (does not apply to corporate customers.)

* This tour is not designed for our corporate customers. For our corporate programs and rates, please contact for more information.

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