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County Donegal, Ireland

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Discover Live x Ancestry Experience

County Donegal, Ireland

Known for its Wild, Rugged Beauty, the Surfing Capital of Ireland , a PRIVATE TOUR

1 Hour

$365 | Up to 5 Screens

Virtual Tour


County Donegal, located in northwest Ireland, has a strong tradition of Irish language and culture. It has a rugged, diverse landscape, with beautiful beaches, mountains and valleys. Its history includes strong connections to the ancient Gaelic Kingdom of Tir Conaill. Donegal was heavily fought over during the Nine Years War in the 16th century.

$50 for each additional screen (does not apply to corporate customers.)

* This tour is not designed for our corporate customers. For our corporate programs and rates, please contact for more information.

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(646) 694-8178

43 West 43rd Street, New York, NY, USA

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