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Starting from $6850

Welcome to unique private-guided virtual travel experiences that are completely customized around your unique family history, brought to you by Discover Live and Ancestry.

Ancestry is the industry leader in family history, and their AncestryProGenealogists division is the home of the genealogical experts who work with you. It’s the perfect pairing with Discover Lives’ virtual travel expertise and years of crafting custom private-guided virtual travel to countries around the world.

For your Virtual Family Reunion Tour, together with your AncestryProGenealogists®, we’ll create a customized live, virtual travel experience around the most meaningful places and moments in your family’s past. You can see and experience the towns and villages of your ancestors, walk the same streets, and learn about their stories. You’ll feel a profound and deeply personal sense of connection.
This tour includes pre-tour site visits for tour planning and discovery, and if necessary, on-site, custom video creation.

The tour will consist of two, two-hour experiences (4 hours total) with unlimited participation (screens/family members) and a recording of the entire experience as a keepsake of the Virtual Family Reunion.

Starting from $6850.



Get your Ancestry genealogy results and choose the location that you would like to experience.


Choose the date and time for your experience, and Book the Tour.


Invite your family to experience the tour with you.


Be ready to experience your Ancestral Heritage tour on your tour day.


If you do not see your desired location, please let us know what your desired location is. As soon as we have it covered, we will let you know.

Please see our tour locations nearest to your desired location. Your desired location/region is indicated by the flag 🏴 icon on the map 


Alsace Region, France

One of the most beautiful regions in France, a PRIVATE TOUR

Alsace is a region in northeastern France, with influence from both German and French cultures. It has a unique blend of architecture, cuisine, and traditions. The region has been passed back and forth between France and Germany throughout history and has been shaped by these cultural exchanges. Alsace is famous for its wine production.

1 Hour | $365 | Up to 5 Screens

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Aunis Region, France

Historical Province of France, a PRIVATE TOUR

Aunis is a historic region in western France, located on the Atlantic coast. It’s known for medieval castles and churches and its unique cultural traditions. The region has a strong maritime history and was an important center of trade and shipbuilding. Aunis is known for its wine and gastronomy, the local cuisine is heavily influenced by seafoo...

1 Hour | $365 | Up to 5 Screens

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Berlin, Germany

Known for its Striking Contrasts, a PRIVATE TOUR

Berlin is the capital city of Germany, located in the northeast. Its history and culture are shaped by its role as the capital of Prussia and the political center of East and West Germany during the Cold War. The city has a diverse heritage, with influences from both Western and Eastern Europe. It is known for its vibrant arts and music scene.


1 Hour | $365 | Up to 5 Screens

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