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Discover Live Corporate Events Program

We are the pioneer and experts in delivering live, interactive virtual world tours.  Since 2018, Discover Live has been virtually transporting people to amazing destinations around the world.  We focus on providing a positive and engaging experience for attendees through bespoke virtual travel experiences and intimate, personalized gatherings, as well as large group events.  You walk the streets of Paris, Florence or Rome; explore the temples of Egypt or the waterways of Venice.  Our licensed tour guides call you by name, know your interests, and share their local expertise in history, culture, architecture, and cuisine.  We provide meaningful opportunities to build closer connections with each other, and with the world around us.

When hosting a hybrid event with guests both in-person and virtual, we can entertain your virtual guests after the meeting content.  We will take them for a live tour of the event location and can incorporate virtual networking, as well as regional food, beverage, and music experiences as if they were there!


Our Difference

The Discover Live Corporate Program is designed for our corporate clients who want a unique, seamless, reliable experience, managed by the most experienced members of the Discover Live team.  Whether client-facing or employee-facing, our team manages all the details for you.  From our tour guides, to our content, to our process, our focus is on delivering a premium experience.  We ensure this by investing in areas that will exceed your business objectives; personalization, engagement, team building, interaction, entertainment, cultural appreciation and education.  We are the experts on providing social networking elements that elevate the level of group interaction and participation.

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Our Clients

Our current corporate clients include Fortune 500 companies, event management groups, professional associations, social clubs, and university groups.

Our Corporate Tours

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