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Last Update: March 14th, 2024


This agreement governs the use of Discover Live (“Company”)'s audio described tour experiences ("Audio Described Tours") by customers ("User"). By purchasing and using an Audio Described Tour, User agrees to these Terms & Conditions:


1. Audio Described Tours are live audio descriptions of tours and experiences provided by Discover Live's trained tour guides (“TG”).


2. All other terms in the existing Customer Terms & Conditions for Discover Live's regular virtual tours shall apply to Audio Described Tours, including but not limited to terms regarding definitions, tour guide policies, pricing, payments, cancellations, proprietary rights, prohibited conduct, warranties, liability limitations, indemnification, applicable law, and other legal terms.


3. Audio descriptions include details about the visual elements of the tour such as scenery, graphics, artifacts, historical materials and any other visual components to make tours more accessible for blind and visually impaired Users.


4. The audio descriptions are provided for accessibility for blind and low vision Users but may also be beneficial for all Users gaining an enriched experience.


5. Users should not record, duplicate, transmit or re-distribute the live audio description content in any way as it is proprietary to Company.


6. While efforts are made to ensure accuracy, the live audio descriptions are to assist in User's overall understanding and perception of the tour visuals. Discover Live does not guarantee or warrant 100% complete capture and technical accuracy of every visual detail.


7. For an optimal experience, Users should use the most updated live streaming platform as included in the Company’s tour invite, along with a secure high-speed internet connection when taking an Audio Described Tour.


8. Accessibility Requirements: Users are responsible for having the necessary equipment and software like screen readers, text-to-speech engines etc. to access the website content, email communications, or chat messages during the tours.

All other terms, conditions and policies in the existing Customer Terms & Conditions shall remain in full force.

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