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We are experts on live, virtual travel.  Since 2018, Discover Live has been virtually transporting families, friends, colleagues, students, and all travel lovers, to amazing places around the world for fun, adventure, and exploration.  We provide meaningful opportunities to connect with the world at large, with the ones who matter most.

Your tour is personalized.  You walk the streets of Paris, Florence, or Rome, explore the temples of Egypt, the waterways of Venice or the street arts in Buenos Aires.  Our tour guides call you by name, know your interests, and share their local expertise in culture, cuisine, art, and architecture.  You revisit your favorite destinations or explore new ones.  Under the care of our handpicked, highly qualified guides, who are trained in virtual travel, you create lasting memories, as if you are there in person.


if you are planning in-person travel, our tour guides will share their expertise and provide travel guidance.  Whether it's the most suitable arrondissement for you in Paris, the best local seafood restaurant in Lisbon, or kid-friendly activities in Sydney, our guides will help you plan the best experience, showing you where to go.

We keep the process simple but thoughtful.  You choose a tour location, date, and time and share any specifics details about your tour preferences.  On the date and time of your confirmed tour, you, and any other guests, join via HD video streaming through any device.  You sit back and enjoy your journey, engaging, or just taking it all in.  We do the rest.

We unite generations of families, geographically distant friends, co-workers, students with experts, and senior communities.  We share laughter, discovery, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries and team accomplishments.  We celebrate togetherness, interaction, and connection.  We know it's a small world after all, but big on possibilities – and they are all yours.


View some actual tour examples, and read a customer story here.



  • Full-HD Video Quality

  • Well Known And Unique Virtual Travel Destinations

  • Highly Personalized Experiences

  • Real-Time Travel, Not Edited Or Pre-Recorded

  • Entertaining And Knowledgeable Guides

  • Simple Set-Up


  • Unique Travel Experiences That Engage Residents and Members

  • Travel Without The Concerns Of Safety, Logistics & Costs

  • Customizable Experiences To Support Community Events

  • Customized Engagement & Development Activities

  • Special Interest Group Coordination

  • See a video here

Amsterdam is the most populated place and capital of the Netherlands. It is built on many canals and is located in the province of North Holland. It is a UNESCO World He...
Amsterdam, Netherlands
1 hr
$67/Scrn. 3 Minimum




"We have been looking for new ways to host our clients with a great experience. Discover Live came highly recommended for not only their fantastic travel tours from around the world, but also for their professionalism and the quality of the entire experience – from planning to execution.  Then there’s the feedback we received, with clients enjoying the experience so much, they are now using Discover Live for their own personal needs!  Now that's a strong testimonial! What I thought might be a short-term gap filler during COVID, Discover Live is now part of my long-term plans."

 Emily S.

Fortune 500 Corporate Client

Boston, MA



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