Experience the World LIVE,

Like You are There


Travel restrictions and incapacity need no longer dull travel dreams. 


With an Internet connection, people can explore their bucket-list travel destinations in the care of an entertaining tour guide from the comfort of home.  Through LIVE video streaming, Discover Live provides real-time virtual travel experiences that connect people to the world, their interests and passions.  They interact with our guides and discover, LIVE, the culture, history, people and landscape as if they were there in person.

Our hour-long virtual experiences will introduce people to the iconic sights of great destinations like Lisbon, Portugal, one of the oldest cities in the world or fashionable Milan, Italy where, in addition to the glorious Duomo with its marvelous sculptures and Caravaggios, you can enter fashionable boutiques and explore Italian designs first hand.  Or, head a bit further off the beaten track and elect to discover eclectic Lima, Peru, with its famous balconies and unique Spanish and Chinese infused Latin American culture. 


Other great cities and sights really worth exploring include the medieval streets and buildings of Ljubljana, Slovenia or the incredible architectural design and planning of world famous Central Park in New York City.  With more tour destinations being added on a regular basis, you will be spoiled for choice on this experience.

Our tour experience allows you to explore a city or area of your choice with a local tour guide.  Tours are live streamed via a video feed and

you will be able to engage and ask questions, put in requests and essentially soak up as much local culture as possible via a virtual feed.  All of our tours are personalized as far as possible to your preferences and guides are fun, knowledgeable and engaging.

Discover Live - We bring the world to you.


  • Virtual city tour of top destinations

  • Highly personalized experience

  • Real-time travel, not pre-recorded

  • Entertaining and knowledgeable guides

  • Great family experience that creates lasting memories

  • Simple set-up and use


  • Help older adults fighting social isolation and loneliness

  • Greatly differentiate facility's resident care program and residents' experiences

  • Allow residents to have authentic "field trips" without the concerns of: cost, logistics, safety & security or resources to coordinate

  • Customizable experiences to support themed senior engagement events, like "Travel Clubs", or special events like birthday parties

  • Promote the idea of "community"

  • Provide positive Resident Council Meeting experiences to all involved

The ancient Egyptians are known for their beautiful temples. The Luxor Temple in Thebes is one of the most extraordinary. Containing ten sections, Luxor Temple is massive...
Luxor, Egypt
1 hr




"We just took your Hawaii tour, it was great!  Although nothing can take the place of traveling somewhere, this was surprisingly, a close second.  We have four children and live in Arizona, so we have been instructed not to travel without a lengthy quarantine.  But, we really wanted to take the kids somewhere.  This was a fun, safe, unique experience, and we are grateful!

Hawaii was beautiful and uncongested, and our guide was full of local information.  It was a sunny day and our guide told us that it was in the high 80’s with an ocean breeze.  The scenery was gorgeous, the palm trees, the beautiful flowers, the beach!  I think the last stop at the beach was a favorite for all of our kids.  Your guide stopped and wrote all 4 of their names in the sand and quickly forwarded a picture to us, that was phenomenal!  Now, we have a keepsake of this experience.  We truly felt that we were in Hawaii for that hour.  I wish it was longer!

Also, it was really nice not to have to pack, arrange transportation, get to the airport, arrange accommodations, etc, etc.  Maybe, this is better?!  I think my husband and I will do Paris, alone, next time.

Thank you for elevating our summer!"

 Jacqui S.

 Flagstaff, AZ


+1 (646) 694-8178


43 W. 43rd Street

New York, NY 10017

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