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2 Cities With Vibrant Street Art to Explore: Paris & Buenos Aires

Explore Paris and Buenos Aires with our live virtual tours at Discover Live. Those cities are canvases for creativity because of their dynamic and colorful street art.

Let's delve into the neighborhoods and streets of these cities, explore the cultural significance of their street art, and spotlight some of the famous artists and their works.

Eastern Pilgrim's Gate in Assisi

The History of Street Art in Paris and Buenos Aires

Street art has a long and rich history in Paris & Buenos Aires, each with its unique canvas. In Paris, the Marais neighborhood is a cultural hotspot, where monumental street artworks breathe life into its historic streets, showcasing the city's ongoing dialogue between the past and present. 

Meanwhile, street art in Buenos Aires' started from simple tagging in the 1970s to a rich tapestry of murals today highlights the city's role as a South American street art haven. Both cities are home to the most exciting and colorful street art in the world.

Saint Francis Basilica in Assisi from inside

Famous street artists and their works

Some of the famous artists in Paris, Invader and Blek le Rat have turned the city into a live gallery, each with their unique style. Invaders using pixelated video game characters invading city walls and Blek le Rat's stenciled rats running through the streets, symbolizing freedom and the spread of art throughout the city. 

Meanwhile, Buenos Aires has talents like Alfredo Segatori, whose massive murals breathe life into the city's landscape, and Martin Ron, whose detailed and vibrant artworks add depth and dimension to public spaces.

Explore these cities with our Live Virtual Tours

If you find yourself interested in this kind of art, you are always welcome to join us for a live virtual exploration of Paris and Buenos Aires. From the comfort of your home travel with us to these areas filled with urban creativity guided by local experts who will share the secret stories of these cities.

Make sure to check our Shared Tours Calendar to see if these are available.

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