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Unveiling the wonders of Cusco, Peru

Cusco is South America’s oldest continuously inhabited city and holds the titles UNESCO World Heritage Site, Archaeological Capital of America, Historical Capital of Peru, and Navel of the World. Cusco is special because of the mixture of old Inca buildings with Spanish ones from when Spain was in charge. This mix makes Cusco a must-see for anyone who loves history and culture.

The Legacy of the Incas and the Spanish Influence

Cusco's urban landscape is a living museum, where the past and present meet. The city's layout, marked by narrow cobblestone streets and grand plazas, tells the story of its Inca origins and Spanish colonization. You can see the amazing work of the Incas in the stone walls around the city which have been there for centuries!

The Spanish influence is equally visible in the cathedrals and colonial buildings that dot the cityscape, contributing to Cusco's unique architectural blend.

Cusco's Cultural Heartbeat: The San Pedro Market

A highlight of any visit to Cusco is the San Pedro Market, a vibrant hub of local life where the colors, flavors, and textures of the region come to life. The market’s charm lies in its diverse offerings, showcasing an impressive selection of fresh cheese, artisan bread, and even natural health remedies. But what truly sets this place apart are the freshly squeezed juices and the abundant stalls brimming with vibrant fruits and vegetables. 

Explore Cusco with our private live virtual tour

Visit Cusco with our live virtual tours and interactive experiences that are designed to transport you to the heart of this ancient city, where you'll explore its historical landmarks, markets, and hidden gems. Led by expert local guides, our tours provide a deep dive into Cusco's storied past, present, and the seamless blend of cultures that define it.

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