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The Best Way To Celebrate A Birthday At A Nursing Home

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Ensure that your residents or loved ones, enjoy their birthday by giving them something they will talk about all year long.

You can give your residents or loved ones the opportunity to travel the world and have an experience that is unmatched from their typical day. Through live video streaming they can choose their destination and have a tour guide take them and the other residents, on an one-hour tour, answering questions and stimulating their minds.

They can choose to go somewhere they have always dreamed of, like Hawaii or Italy. Or they can revisit a destination from the past. Regardless, they will feel special and proud to be leading an adventure they and their friends will talk about for a long time to come.

To support this experience you can also provide more traditional birthday items such as:

· Birthday Cards - Give your residents personalized birthday cards that are signed by the members of your facility's staff.

· Personalized Cakes - Coordinate with your kitchen staff to make small, personalized birthday cakes for each of your residents celebrating a birthday.

· Balloons - Blow up colorful balloons for your resident. Tie the balloons to the resident's dining room chair so everyone knows that it is their birthday.

· Birthday Songs - Brainstorm with your facility's staff to come up with a fun birthday song that you can sing in the Dining Room during one of the meals (think about those funny songs sung at restaurants).

· Birthday Dinner - If you have a resident who is turning 100 or over, consider hosting a special dinner for that resident featuring their favorite food, cake, and ice cream. Invite the resident's family members to attend.

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