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“To travel is to live” - Hans Christian Andersen

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Whether a proverbial road trip or flying across the globe, few things excite the spirit and energize the soul like travel. For many senior residents, travel is no longer a possibility in the traditional sense. Until now.

Imagine transporting your residents to the cobble stone streets of Florence Italy, seeing the sights, hearing the sounds and all the while not leaving the comfort and security of your facility and their home. provides a 1-hour LIVE-streaming experience where your residents can visit places they never thought imaginable, and experience the joys of travel again.

This following is an excerpt from a letter from an Executive Director of an assisted living facility and a client -

“Your program has mesmerized my residents and their families. We had a traditional travel club and we talked about the location, watched DVD’s about the location, etc. Then your team introduced us to this live, virtual visit and the audience was transported to that country to see, hear and learn in REAL-TIME. A few families started calling me because “mom” said she went to Italy. At first concerned about progressing dementia, they were thrilled to learn that their loved ones had visited Italy or Hawaii and about all the excitement it was bringing them.

At my resident council meeting, everyone is now talking about the “new” travel club. It has been a breathe of fresh air. With the use of technology, we are able to improve our resident’s well-being. We can offer them something they never would expect. We are a regular subscriber and we love the service. Thank you!” brings the world to your residents. They can travel virtually to places like Italy, Ireland, China, and Mexico. In the course of a 1-hour live experience, your residents can see, hear and learn about the destination in a live, real-time experience. They can socialize and ask questions of our Streamer Tour Guide. Each 1-hour experience will transport your residents to a destination without the worry of mobility, medications, safety and financial limitations. allows seniors to continue to enjoy all the benefits of travel.

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