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A Visit To A Tulip Farms In The Netherlands This Mother's Day

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

We all love flowers. Their bright, cheerful colors, intoxicating scent, and ability to conjure memories of prior special occasions - flowers make everything better. Pair flowers with world travel and better just became best! This is simply the BEST gift to give your mother, wife, sister, and daughter for Mothers Day.

Here’s how it works; you have Tulips delivered from your favorite florist, then Discover Live takes you on a live, virtual trip to a Netherlands Tulip farm to experience what 1.5 million visitors will see during this eight-week period in spring.

Discover Live will put you in the heart of this literal sea of flowers through a private, personalized, one-hour, live virtual tour. Your mother (wife, sister…) will have the opportunity to see over 800 different variations of more than 7 million tulips in bloom. Our expert tour guides will answer every question she has about this magnificent sight or just treat her to an hour of endless beauty as they walk amongst the fields learning about the history and significance of the Dutch tulips. It will be a feast for her eyes and for any other lucky friends and family who join her on the tour.

This will be a gift that is long remembered and cherished. Simply request your live tour on our website or purchase a Gift Certificate(s) here.

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