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Company Holiday Party to Florence Paired with a Brunello?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Company Holiday Party to Florence Paired with a Brunello?

Most of us have accepted that any company holiday celebration this year will not live up to years past. We are doing all we can for our teams and our companies, but we are faced with many limitations. What we want is a night of celebration, socialization, engagement and fun. Though that seems nearly impossible in a COVID world. But…

What if you could take your team to stroll the streets of Florence, and learn some of the most famous Tuscan wines? Well, you can, and it's easy, safe and within corporate policy.

Check out Discover Live. Through live, virtual travel, we transport your group to distant places for memorable experiences. Your tour guide will know your names, focus on your interests and foster good fun. Your team will experience the gift (benefits) of travel; relieving stress, enhancing creativity and boosting happiness. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that despite so many limitations, your team had the opportunity to reconnect and share good cheer.

With global destinations like Florence, Paris, Egypt and Peru, you’re sure to find a destination to please. That's what I call distancing socially.

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