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Exploring the Peaceful Spirit of Assisi, Italy

Assisi, located in the heart of Umbria, is a stunning showcase of medieval architecture, spirituality, and peace. Known globally as Saint Francis and Claire's birthplace, this hilltop town offers more than just religious significance. Assisi is a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its well-preserved medieval charm and peaceful atmosphere that fills its streets and sacred landmarks.

The Pilgrim's Path: A Journey Through Assisi

At around 300 miles (500 kilometers) this pilgrimage route connects legendary places in the life of one of history’s best-loved figures, Francis of Assisi.

The pathway starts in Florence and ends in Rome, winding through the Apennine Mountains and tracing thousands of years of history in a beautiful land. The central point of this pathway is Assisi, which is considered the jewel of the entire journey.

Assisi's journey of faith and history begins at the Eastern Pilgrim's Gate, an entry that has seen countless pilgrims pass through over the centuries. This gate opens up to a town where time seems to stand still, offering a unique glimpse into medieval life.

The streets of Assisi have remained unchanged for centuries, offering visitors a chance to experience a world where history and spirituality merge.

Eastern Pilgrim's Gate in Assisi

Saint Francis Basilica: A Monument to Devotion

At the heart of Assisi lies the Basilica of Saint Francis, a monument to both the saint's enduring legacy and the artistic achievements of the medieval world. 

Saint Francis Basilica in Assisi from inside

The construction of this architectural marvel, begun shortly after Saint Francis's canonization, underscores his profound influence on Christian thought and artistry.

The Basilica consists of two churches known as the Upper and Lower Churches, each adorned with frescoes that narrate the life of Saint Francis and his teachings. This complex also includes the Sacro Convento, a monastery that houses a significant community of friars and a vast collection of medieval manuscripts and art.

Assisi's Medieval Majesty

Assisi is a town that reflects medieval Italian architecture and life. From Rocca Maggiore to Piazza del Comune, each corner showcases a rich history.

A lesser-known gem is the Minerva Temple, an ancient Roman structure that now serves as a church, symbolizing the layers of history that define Assisi. The town's blend of Roman ruins, Gothic churches, and Renaissance artistry paints a vivid picture of its cultural and historical evolution.

A birds eye view of Assisi

A Global Symbol of Peace

Assisi's reputation as a symbol of peace extends beyond its religious landmarks. The town's harmonious blend of culture, nature, gastronomy, and spirituality makes it a unique destination. Whether you're drawn to Assisi for its historical significance, its serene landscapes, or the chance to walk in the footsteps of saints, this tour promises an enriching journey.

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