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The Gift of Adventure & Togetherness

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

boat in river going under bridge in city

Don't get me wrong, we love roses, chocolates and there’s something very special about candy hearts. But, how about giving the gift of a romantic experience to share together this Valentine's Day?

With Discover Live you can take your special someone on a private and personalized 1-hour, live, virtual tour somewhere special around the world. Maybe it’s strolling the streets of Paris, Milan, Florence or Rome? Or perhaps an adventure in Sydney, Egypt, Vietnam or Peru? In Venice and Slovenia, we can arrange for our tour guides to place a lock on their famous bridge and toss away the key to symbolize your eternal love. We’re not sure if it gets more romantic than that!

We will even provide suggestions for local food and drink ideas that you can prepare in advance – think French Wine or Italian pastries... Go all out with your planning or just enjoy your hour-long tour. This will be a gift to be remembered and cherished. Celebrate this Valentine's Day by taking time to enjoy each other’s company while traveling the world and experiencing something new together.

L’amour ~ Amore ~Adoro ~ Ljubim te ~ Cam Tinh ~Ljubezen

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