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The New Normal: Effective, Engaging Online Learning

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

COVID-19 has changed the way that we do just about everything. Currently, the focus is on going back to school this fall. It seems that there are 3 approaches to this. The first is to return to the school building with an online learning contingency plan. Second is to keep students online and return to school at a later time. And, a hybrid plan, which is a mix of physical and virtual classes. The common factor is that online learning is an essential part of the program.

Can you imagine an amazing, LIVE, interactive, virtual learning class? Something better than you ever thought possible. We can take your US History class to Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC or any other place of historic significance. We can take your French class to Paris, France or your Spanish class to Spain or Mexico. There they can interact with a local in their language, see compelling sites and use their acquired language skills to speak with a local. We can make it happen.

Long term there will be demand for quality, comprehensive solutions. There is Federal funding in the pipeline that will support the shift to online learning and improving K-12 outcomes. The need for effective, engaging online learning will become necessary. A more watchful eye will be placed on money spent for online learning and the outcomes.

Discover Live is an innovative virtual learning experience provider delivering REAL-TIME on-location education experiences through live streaming video. We have been doing this for years and are experts at LIVE virtual experiences. Our professional Experience guides are located throughout the world, and deliver education sessions that are fun, interactive and engaging. Discover Live utilizes professional local Experience guides to lead the audience, providing expertise and generating interest in the subject. Whether an experience session is focused on history, culture, foreign language or other points of interest, our Experience guides are engaging and can become part of a curriculum. They will always have a planned Experience in mind, but can be guided to show different subjects, or to check out something that just caught the group's eye.

Let us help you create a curriculum that will meet and exceed expectations.

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