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Why Virtual-Travel Can Be A Better Option For Seniors

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Many polls find that people wished they traveled more in life. Seniors, who can truly benefit from the mental stimulation of travel, often have the most challenges doing so.

At the top of the list of those challenges are:

· Concern about mobility in places they know nothing about such as available wheelchair ramps and comfortable places to sit and rest

· Worry about their health, doctors permission to travel and prescription management

· Complications of changing their daily schedule and having sleep challenges

· Financial limitations with the high cost of travel keeps seniors traveling. brings the joy, excitement and stimulation of travel to seniors without all of these complications. Through live-streaming seniors can explore and experiences places they have never been to or revisit favorites from the past without the stresses of physical travel.

There’s no pre-planning, packing, doctors visits, schedule disruptions, stress and anxiety of travel, just the benefits of exploration through travel.

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